Breathe Print Management has over 40 years experience in supplying the print needs of many diverse businesses. Our role is to help you to get your message to market quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

We are dedicated to providing industry leading levels of personal service and responsiveness.

We are a small business, but despite this we work for many large and important companies in their respective industries. Our clients trust us to deliver their campaigns and projects on time and within budget. We work very hard to ensure their objectives are met. Each and every time.

Our major customers include businesses in the creative agency, hospitality, membership and educational sectors.

Print continues to be an important communications tool and our customers recognise the importance of having a supplier with expert knowledge, expertise and experience. There aren’t many situations we haven’t faced over the years and that experience enables us to provide the quality of service and products that is demanded in a fast moving marketing environment.

A Bit About Us…

Breathe Print Management was founded in in 2006 by Patrick Barr. Patrick had previously worked in the print industry for almost 26 years, gaining invaluable experience as a Senior Account Director.

Breathe’s vision is to provide outstanding levels of personal service. We understand that print remains an important communications medium as companies search for faster, better, more innovative print solutions in their quest to seek competitive advantage.